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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The approaching storm...

My hubby has been trying to get me out on the lake in his boat for quite a while. I keep putting it off because I get motion sickness very easy. So last night I finally gave in and we went to the lake. I love taking pictures, so I took my camera to get some sunset shots. It started out great...

There was lots of clouds and the sunset promised to be gorgeous.

The reflection on the water was very pretty.

We even ran across a hanging tree...and yes that's a bird hanging from that limb. We're not sure how it got there, but I thought my daughter was going to burst into tears.

Then the storm...And of course my husband's usual, "just one more cast" as he cast his fishing line into the water yet again...sigh. I would say we just barely made it out alive, but I guess that would be a bit over dramatic...:) I missed my sunset shots, but hubby has promised to take me again soon.


sgrfr2u said...

Awsome pictures!

I wish it would storm like that here.


Trista Ann Michaels said...