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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Review from The Romance Studio for Wicked Lies...

Sinclair had been working for a wealthy, reclusive man she'd never met. She has, however, met his pilot Marcus. Although attracted to him, Sinclair assumed the feelings weren't reciprocated. All that changed when the two were sent to evaluate an island resort for Sinclair's boss Alexander. The resort catered to a very specific and kinky clientele. Marcus finally has Sinclair were he wants her. He plans to seduce the fiery woman who's been haunting his dreams. But even as the two explore a powerful passion and strong emotional connection, Marcus harbors a secret that could destroy everything.

What a sensual and enjoyable story! The author has blended a very nice love story with some hot and kinky sex. Marcus and Sinclair are very likable characters and their chemistry was explosive. The sex scenes are extremely well written and very, very erotic. The plot was predictable and the book was a bit short but I didn't really care. I was caught up in the story and very entertained. There is some kink; but in my opinion it's mild enough (light bondage and erotic spanking) to appeal to most erotic romance fans. I can highly recommend this one as great way to spend an evening.

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