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Monday, March 12, 2012

Review Wicked Lies...

My first review for Wicked Lies...Thanks Chris...:)
Chris of Night Owl Reviews has reviewed Wicked Lies by Trista Ann Michaels.
Title: Wicked Lies
Authors: Trista Ann Michaels
Score: 4.00 / 5 Active
Date: Mar 11, 2012
Sinclair works for a mystery man but he’s not the one she fantasizes about. No, that would be Marcus, the company pilot. Sexy and nice, he’s everything Sinclair finds attractive in a man. He could never be interested in a plain woman with curves like herself. That really is a fantasy.
Marcus hides his real identity to protect his heart. Burned once before he doesn’t reveal his real self to just anyone, and uses the Marcus persona more than his own. He’s more comfortable living the life he created that is actually a lie. Unfortunately that lie extends to Sinclair and as he falls in love he wonders how he’ll get her to feel the same and keep her from hating him for the betrayal when she ultimately finds out. One can’t start a life with their other half based on a lie. But how to tell her?
Well this was interesting. The identity issue added a wrinkle to the already bumpy landscape of both Sinclair and Marcus’ insecurities. Sinclair has body issues since she’s struggled with her weight, and Marcus has issues about trusting people with his heart. As Sinclair wins his love and devotion, Marcus realizes he has to come clean and arranges a weekend away to make his move. Sinclair doesn’t know what hit her. The author threw in a lot of other things that could have detracted from the story but did not. What it boiled down to was honesty and integrity, not dollars and cents. While I would have liked more groveling at the end (what woman wouldn’t) Marcus showed he really knew Sinclair and that he trusted in her to know him in return. While sex played a big part I didn’t feel it overpowered the story, and it was certainly steamy and the frequency appreciated. A good read by a favorite author.

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