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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Review for Crossing the Line...

Alyssa is just not having a good day. She started out to find her brother, who
has disappeared, and it is ending with her being sold as a slinoy sex slave on a
mining planet. This was definitely not in her plans. But, she is purchased by
one super hunky man, Taron, who happens to be the overseer of the mine she had
wanted to infiltrate. She is drawn to Taron from the start and while she doesn't
accept her fate, she will let her attraction take its course.

Taron is undercover on an assignment that he didn't want, on a planet he hates, and now
he has a sex slave that he didn't want, can't resist and who his brothers are
looking for. This assignment just keeps getting better and better, and why does
this one little woman seem to get under his skin and into his thoughts so

He has promised both his brothers and hers that he will find and keep
her safe, but who will keep her safe from him?Can they ever have a real
future together? What will happen when Alyssa learns the truth about Taron? And
what will happen when Taron uncovers who is really behind the subterfuge on the
mining planet that caused him to take this assignment in the first

Taron in Crossing the Line is one super hot man with a heart. Ms.
Michaels does a wonderful job in setting the stage with this story, as well as
setting the backgrounds for the characters, especially Taron. I loved how the
characters interacted in this story, including the spunky way Alyssa handled her
circumstances. The twist at the end I also found to be a great oomph to the

Crossing the Line is the second in a series, but can easily be read as a
stand alone story, and is one that I think you will

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