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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Die For...

Review from The Romance Studio.

Amy has proof that vampires exist. She was supposed to have destroyed all the files on the vampire blood. Kaelen knows she has it he will use any means necessary to get it back and destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands. What he didn't count on was his attraction
to the sexy and sassy beauty.

Kaelen is attacked and almost killed in Amy's house. He has no choice but to take her with him when help arrives. Now Kaelen must keep Amy safe and find out who wants him dead.

Author Trista Ann Michaels really turns up the heat with a story that offers
the perfect amount of tension, seduction, character development and an
action-packed plot that grabs the readers and leaves them holding their breath
in anticipation of each mesmerizing scene.

To Die For is a gripping romance that seems to seamlessly interweave a dangerous paranormal element, a complex plot and stubborn and strong lovers for a story that is certainly not
predicable but totally enjoyable.

Kaelen and Amy are caught in a maze of seduction and danger that entangles
the reader in their plight with delightfully entertaining results. Chock full of
sinfully carnal passion, sexual pull and devastating attraction, these two
protagonists completely enthrall.

Kaelen and Amy are bold characters that demand the attention of the reader with each twist of the story and when you add a determined villain and a cast of endearing secondary characters the action ramps up to explosive levels. The story's climax is sure to capture the reader
attention and blow their mind.

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sgrfr2u said...

I love your magic series, I am now reading deadly crimson and I can' tput it down.

Awsome series